Expanding business always comes with risks
because there are Up-Down in automotive industry.
During the Up-Down period, it is very challenging to pursue
high quality level as well as expanding capacity at the same time.
Therefore, we come up with the idea to minimize the risk from expansion of business
without sacrificing our strength.

We had been grappling with how to run projects and keep
the consistent quality level at the same time over many years.
Here are the 3 factors that we keep

  • Expansion in Size
  • Consistent Quality
  • Project Control

We re-designed ourselves not only to minimize the risk but to achieve above factors by establishing several different plants in Korea;
HIT An-San(Headquarter), HIT Hwa-Sung(MSPM), HIT Gun-San (YEAN) and HIT Gwang-Ju(GNS ENG), HIT Turin(OMA) and HIT Prague(ADM).

All the plants are under control by executing same manufacturing process bases(machining strategy, correction loop skills) to maintain / enhance tool and part quality until they are shipped to their customers’ site.

99% of projects that lay on each plant are sourced by HIT HQ so that project capacities can be flexibly adjusted.