The manufacturing division has continued to expand its experiences and skills, working with various projects. We also work for wide range of customers in compliance with corresponding standards, which makes ourselves capable of providing high-quality products.

Manufacturing team’s top priority is “simulation to reality”. As long as the engineering team provides solid and reliable simulation and process, manufacturing team’s job is to actualize the simulation into real outcome.

In order to do that, we have three driving forces :


We as much understand importance of good quality product as understand importance of basic workmanship. This is to meet customer requirement and keep our standard maintained.

Build Up

The tools are built up strictly according to the design.
They do not need NC modeling data for the design is applicable as NC modeling data. It takes advantage when it comes to maintenance and replacement of steels.

Laser Hardening

HIT Automotive developed our own laser hardening machine in our plant, with our own technology.
This allows us to have our tools’ surface hardening in constant and high quality.

Here is a quick glimpse of our system we implemented to increase the work efficiency and to meet the quality level which satisfies our customers’ demand.

Job Tracker(M.E.S)

M.E.S is a work tool that helps manage the workload. Once a project is registered and uploaded onto M.E.S, it is trackable to check which phase the project is located from engineering level to actual tool manufacturing. With M.E.S, managers can assign weekly job to manufacturing staffs more efficiently. As well, the manufacturing-related data is easily updated and transmitted from engineers to toolmakers.


Q-system is the data hub where we store all project-relevant data we have been working with. Contents include buyoff book(Red Book) as well as all the issues that came out throughout the project, so that vastly accumulated data could give us directions / solutions when we face challenges such as finishing the part qualities or correction loops along with our skills and experiences.